Yuan Hongming, chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd., visited Southeast Asia for market research from April 11th to 17th

陕汽控股集团有限公司、陕汽党委书记、董事长袁宏明自四月十一日至十七日,访问东南亚进行市场调研,在此期间,他研究了区域市场需求,经销商及终端重点客户的运营情况。他走访了多家经销商和客户 ,对经销商的发展规划给予了充分肯定,并表示感谢客户选择SHACMAN,并承诺SHACMAN将 在产品和服务上不断创新,为更多的客户提供 基础设施建设和物流服务的全面解决方案。在逗留期间,袁宏明来到了海外 SHACMAN市场区域,了解营销团队在海外工作和生活。听取工作汇报后,他提出了要求,基于国际业务发展趋势 ,为下一步在东南亚市场的工作打下良好的基础。袁宏明强调,国际市场作为陕汽销量的重要组成部分,在做好渠道的管理和支持工作,我们还应该进一步对客户需求创新服务,进一步打造领先的服务优势,为客户创造更大的价值。

Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Automobile Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Yuan Hongming visited Southeast Asia for market research from April 11th to 17th. During this period, he studied the regional market demand, dealers and key terminal customers operating conditions.He visited a number of distributors and customers, fully affirmed the development plan of the distributors, expressed his gratitude to customers for choosing SHACMAN, and promised that SHACMAN will continue to innovate in products and services, and provide more customers with infrastructure construction and A comprehensive solution for logistics services.During his stay, Yuan Hongming came to the overseas SHACMAN market area to learn about the marketing team's work and life overseas.After listening to the work report, he made a request to lay a good foundation for the next step in the Southeast Asian market based on the development trend of international business.Yuan Hongming emphasized that the international market is an important part of Shaanxi Automobile's sales. While doing a good job in channel management and support, we should further innovate services to meet customer needs, further create leading service advantages, and create greater value for customers.