The signing ceremony of the vehicle delivery sales target in the Middle East market


  Recently, Shaanxi Auto successfully held a product delivery ceremony in the Middle East market.Customer general managers, sales managers, and key local logistics companies, oil transportation companies and other business leaders were invited to participate in the event.

在本次活动中,陕汽工作人员向所有参会人员讲解了陕汽的发展历程和国际市场,系统地介绍了产品配置、动力系统、车辆保养等,让客户对陕汽产品有了更深入的了解。当我们的客户接过这把代表财富和梦想的金钥匙时,在场的人爆发出最真挚的掌声。与此同时,SHACMAN卡车鸣笛,交车仪式圆满结束。  In this event, the staff of Shaanxi Automobile explained the development history and international market of Shaanxi Automobile to all participants, and systematically introduced product configuration, power system, vehicle maintenance, etc., so that customers have a deeper understanding of Shaanxi Automobile products understanding.When our client took over the golden key representing wealth and dreams, the people present burst into the most sincere applause.At the same time, the SHACMAN truck whistled, and the delivery ceremony ended successfully.

车辆交车后,在全体参会人员的见证下,陕汽员工与客户举行了订单签约仪式。双方将共同努力,开启合作新篇章。                                                                                                                                                   After the vehicle was delivered, under the witness of all the participants, Shaanxi Automobile employees held an order signing ceremony with the customer.The two parties will work together to open a new chapter of cooperation.