Hello SHACMAN!greetings from colombia

SHACMAN产品一经亮相,就吸引了大批参展商和客户前来体验、拍照。符合人体工学的安全气囊座椅、康明斯发动机+FAST齿轮+HANDE车桥的黄金动力链、先进的人机交互大屏,都受到了现场客户的一致好评。                                                                                                                                                              Once SHACMAN products were unveiled, they attracted a large number of exhibitors and customers to experience and take pictures.The ergonomic airbag seat, the golden power chain of Cummins engine + FAST gear + HANDE axle, and the advanced human-computer interaction large screen have all received unanimous praise from the customers on site.

近年来,SHACMAN凭借卓越的品质、卓越的性能和强大的售后服务保障,得到了企业主对车友的一致好评。X5000在本届展会上一经亮相,就吸引了众多展商前来体验,不少人纷纷拍照留念。                        In recent years, with its excellent quality, excellent performance and strong after-sales service guarantee, SHACMAN has won unanimous praise from business owners and riders.Once the X5000 was unveiled at this exhibition, it attracted many exhibitors to experience it, and many people took photos to commemorate it. 

为期两天的展会期间,SHACMAN接待了500名意向客户。在不少客户现场签单的同时,不少物流公司也表达了明确的采购意向。                                                                                                                         During the two-day exhibition, SHACMAN received 500 potential customers.While many customers signed orders on site, many logistics companies also expressed their clear purchasing intentions.