SHACMAN Uzbekistan vehicles start batches

近年来,SHACMAN深度参与到“一带一路”国际基础建设,对当地制造业发展、经济建设、公共服务等方面起到了促进作用。SHACMAN将坚守以客户为中心的匠心,围绕两个关注,为社会创造更大价值,为客户提供更好服务。                                                                                                                                             In recent years, SHACMAN has been deeply involved in the "Belt and Road" international infrastructure construction, which has played a role in promoting the development of local manufacturing, economic construction, and public services.SHACMAN will stick to the customer-centric ingenuity, focus on two concerns, create greater value for the society, and provide customers with better services.