SHACMAN gallops across the African continent

在阿尔及利亚累计销量超过4.5万辆,中国重卡市场占有率超过99%。建有陕汽在海外规模最大的组装厂, 也是阿尔及利亚第一家中国重卡品牌组装厂。 在尼日利亚服务于多家非洲集团型大客户。包括非洲最大的工业集团公司、非洲水泥巨头丹格特集团公司, 非洲大型食品加工、水泥巨头BUA公司等。

The cumulative sales volume in Algeria exceeded 45,000 units, and the market share of heavy trucks in China exceeded 99%.It has the largest overseas assembly plant of Shaanxi Automobile and the first Chinese heavy truck brand assembly plant in Algeria.Serving a number of large African group clients in Nigeria.Including Africa's largest industrial group company, African cement giant Dangote Group, Africa's large food processing, cement giant BUA, etc.