Company Culture


The main idea of German culture





5.核心价值观:以人为本 创优报国 追求卓越 迈向高端




1. Corporate spirit: dedication, learning, integrity, and innovation

2. Company Vision: Developing Together with Customers and Growing Together with Employees

3. Company Mission: To create greater value for society, provide better services to users, create more returns for shareholders, and provide a development platform for employees

4. Company tenet: customer-centric, making communication easier

5. Core values: people-oriented, creating excellence, serving the country, pursuing excellence, and moving towards high-end

6. Business philosophy: Virtue wins the world, service leads, and quality achieves the future

7. Quality concept ("Double Excellence" concept): With the aim of customer satisfaction, we produce the best products in the same industry and provide the best services in the same industry

8. Service philosophy: Close to the market, caring for users, empathizing with others, and sincere service
Let us strive tirelessly for: jointly creating and practicing our corporate culture!

— 德文化的主要特征:

— Main features of German culture:


The corporate culture of Shaanxi Auto is characterized by a round outside and a square inside.Externally, we must be tolerant and pursue harmony.Actively undertake social responsibilities externally, realize sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the enterprise, and ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets; build green factories, and achieve zero discharge of sewage and waste gas; manufacture green and environmentally friendly products, and lead the development of low-carbon economy.Internally, we must be rigorous and uphold norms.The company's internal management is strict and standardized; the company's operation and control system operates efficiently, achieving high standards, high efficiency and high benefits, and pursuing excellence in an all-round way.

— 德赢天下的内涵

— Connotation of Deying Tianxia:


"Germany wins the world" is a high degree of condensation of Shaanxi Automobile's corporate culture.Morality, for employees, is to voluntarily do the right thing; for the organization, it is to give full play to the company's internal and external resources and potential under the environment of market competition.German culture has become synonymous with Shaanxi Automobile's corporate culture.The connotation of "Germany wins the world" is "Heaven and man are one, knowledge and action are inseparable, and only winning is persistence.